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Obstruction lighting for pylons, lattice and steel towers

1.Typical red obstruction light with red fixed low intensity and red flashing medium intensity as per ICAO standard

For towers 45 meters high or below:

  • as per ICAO: 1 or 2 red fixed low intensity at the top

For towers between 46m and 107m high:

  • as per ICAO: 1 red flashing medium intensity type B at the top with 2 or 3 red fixed low intensity type B at mid level

At the bottom control cabinet in option

Obstruction light for pylon 1.jpg

2. White medium intensity obstruction light as per ICAO

White flashing lights at night are not recommended in urban area, dual color system (white flashing during day time and red at night) should be used instead

3.Tower higher than 150 meters high (ICAO only)

For pylons 150m high and over, 3 high intensity type A lights on the highest platform and every 105m high. These obstruction lights work permanently with 3 levels of intensity varying according to the day, the twilight and the night

For pylons with an antenna of more than 12m on the last platform, a medium intensity type A light must be added at the top

Pylon 2nd.jpg
Obstruction light india.jpg
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